Carolyn Taylor – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I have been given the task, by my parents, for the last nine years to find them a suitable furnished rental for the four month period of December 15th to April 15th. Their criteria is somewhat specific and every year I would have to explain over and over to the realtor what I wanted, to then only be disappointed by what they would then schedule for me to see. With Anne, we had one face to face conversation and one phone call. I told her what I wanted and she quickly returned with 3 possibilities. I listened to her descriptions, two were very good possible options and one I thought would not be the right fit and she was understanding. In the past I have had to waste afternoons going through rentals that were very short of the mark.

We set a time to meet and looked at the other two options, both were suitable and we quickly made the deal on the one I thought was best suited for my parents. This was the first time in 9 years that the process went smoothly, was stress free, and my parents love the place Anne found them. Anne listened to what I said and made this a very positive experience, I would use her services again and I will recommend her.